About Us

Taking Care Of You Because We Are You

What do we do?

We help businesses make more profit by introducing them to our partnership companies who specialise in very niche areas. We have spent a lot of time vetting our partnership companies to make sure that their offering is unique and has a lot of added value. By having a set of vetted partnership companies we are able to ensure that our customers are getting the best service possible from the get go. Saving them a lot of time and effort having to search the market to find the right solution.

Our partnership companies undertake strategic audits for our clients that can help them reduce costs and increase efficiencies. Due to the fact that we have such close relationships with out partnership companies we can act as a single point of contact for all of your procurement needs. We know just the right people to ask those tricky questions which need an experts opinion. In essence you are getting a specialised procurement team.

What are our fees?

We are a zero cost resource, we do not charge for our services at all. We work on an ethical brokerage policy. This means that we do not want our involvement to cost our customers any more than if they were to go to our partnership companies directly. This way we can ensure that out customers are getting the best value from our services. We are paid by our partnership companies for acting as an account manager/ introducers.

Where do we add value?

By having access to expertise from so many different sectors we are able to connect the dots in order to spot opportunities that a single sector may not be able to bring. We can also help find different forms of funding which may be available for particular projects. Giving the most cost effective means to improve a business at the fastest possible rate.

Meet The Directors

Helen Chadwick HC Prospects Ltd Barnsley

Helen Chadwick
Founding Director

Experienced and adaptable Director in Sales & Marketing with a demonstrated history of working in consultancy in a wide variety of industries, recent focus on Business Analysis, Telecommunications and IoT. Skilled in Marketing Management, Sales, Customer Relationship Management and Customer Service. Strong sales and creative professional with a eye for detail focused on revenue generation and commercial relationships. Holds a degree in Fine Arts obtained at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.
Helen Chadwick HC Prospects Ltd Barnsley

Declan Carrington

Energetic and passion driven director who joined HC Prospects in February 2017. With a background in a variety of sectors ranging from Financial Services to Software he is able to take an holistic approach to business operations and processes, allowing the connection of dots for an even greater overall impact. He holds a Law degree and is passionate about generating efficiencies and customer savings. 

It is becoming increasingly clear that many businesses are just “too busy” to afford the time for genuine investigations into reducing overheads. This can have a detrimental effect on growth and development, resulting in a plateau on increasing profits.
HC Prospects Ltd has extensive knowledge in Business Solutions, Business Development, Marketing, Advertising, Sales, Client Relations and Digital Marketing, just to mention a few.  These are the chosen areas of expertise which have been gained from numerous successful years in all of these given fields.
The company slogan “Bringing Business Together” is precisely that, we are passionate about bringing all types of business industries together to encourage growth and business development through B2B interaction and partnership working through a myriad of different solutions and possibilities.
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