Overhead Reduction Specialists

Making Your Business More Profitable
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Here at HC Prospects we are passionate about helping companies to reduce overheads in Barnsley, South & West Yorkshire and  surrounding areas.

Hence we offer business solutions that can save money, make money and give you peace of mind.

Running a business is tough, so who has the time to research and investigate, let alone source business solutions that may be beneficial to promote and encourage growth and development? Not many!

Being a consultant/agent enables us the privilege of representing a myriad of diverse companies and organisations from various industries. 

We promote, educate, inform and introduce SME’s and Start Up companies alike.  

We build long standing relationships with our clients and suggest ongoing solutions which without our intervention, could have been overlooked.

Our guidance and support facilitates many types of results which can assist in financial gain, cost saving and peace of mind. 

From tax rebates to grant funding, from cost reduction to bespoke IT solutions, we can assist in solving numerous issues, obstacles or problems by suggesting schemes which may previously have been unchartered. 

We can uncover a plethora of methods which can benefit your business in the short and long term going forward.  

Minimum input is required because we work with you and for you. We do most of the labour and investigations and never demand endless hours of your time.  We carry out fact finding and research in conjunction with our partners leaving you free to run your company.

There is certain to be one or more solutions out there that will suit your business in some shape or form. So why not get in touch today for an informal chat and who knows where it may end…  You could end up with a nice lump sum to reinvest back into your company and increase your profits.

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